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Jill's Photos
   To view Jill's photos, click on the subject matter you want to see.  If you see a photo you want you can order the photo, or you can usually right click on your mouse to copy the photo onto your computer .  Most photos are $.9 to $.29 for a 4x6 photo (however your first 10 to 30 photos may be free) and shipping often starts at $1.49.
If you are unable to view the photos, please let Jill know (314-963-4731 or, and she can upload the photos to a different photo sharing web-site.
TJam01 Balloon Twisting Convention

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Which Photo Sharing Web-Sites Are the Best?

  Jill's favorite photo sharing web-sites are and  Here's why:
· Quality Photos  Belgium Digital web-site has researched a variety of photo developing web-sites.  They say PhotoAccess produces the highest quality photos (out of the web-sites that offer unlimited free storage of your photos.)
· Variety of Sizes
  Photo Access has a variety of photo sizes including digital size prints.  You can order glossy or matte, and you can order PhotoStories album pages.
· Date and Time
  The web-site tells you the date and time the photo was taken.
· Quality Downloads
  Viewers can download a quality photo to their computer.
· Prints Date and Description on Photo Back (main reason I love Shutterfly)
  Out of the ten companies I have ordered prints from, Shutterfly and Creative Memories are the only ones that prints something on the back of the photo. (Although Ofoto may print date printed.) Shutterfly prints the date the photo was taken on the back of the photo.  You can also type a description to be printed on the photo back.  Yea!
· Variety of Photo Manipulation Tools
  With Shutterfly you can add borders, crop, reduce red eye, play with color and more.
· Spiral Bound Albums
  Shutterfly sells Snapbooks which are  spiral bound collections of your pictures with captions.
If You Like Photo Sharing Web-Sites, But Don't Have a Digital Camera, You Can Still Use These Web-Sites for Your Photos.

  With some of the photo web-sites you can mail them your 35 mm or APS film, and you too can share your photos like I do.  (You don't need to set up a web-site like mine; most sharers e-mail their friends the link or tell their friends to go the home page of such and such photo web-site and enter the sharers e-mail address where it says "enter friend's e-mail address"). The photo sharing web-sites you mailed your film to will process your film (sometimes for free), send you the negatives (sometimes for free) and post your pictures on-line for you to view (for free).  Then you log into the web-site and order only the photos you want, or order none.  Before you order you have the option to crop the photo, remove red-eye, add colorful borders, create black and white photos, etc.
    Photo sharing web-sites that process film include: 
· (free)
· ($4.79 per roll)
· ($1.99 to $3.98 for the service, but that includes up to 27 4x6 photos)
· ($1 per roll)
· ($3.11 per roll)
· (If you get your film developed at your local Sam's Club, they'll upload your photos for no additional charge.)
    Above information may not be current, but was current in 2001.

Wein Reunion, June 16

Jim and Janis's Wedding and Reception
    I've got all my photos uploaded, plus I rotated, lighten and/or crop a few of the photos.  I decided not to take the time to enter descriptions. 
    With the these photos and the shower and bachlorette party photos the first 20 are free.  All you have to pay is $1.49 for shipping and handling.  To get the free photos you need to become a member, but that's free.  I also think you need to move the wedding photos in your own folder.  It will take about 4 weeks to receive your order.
     You may enter descriptions if you would like.  (This paragraph is mainly directed to Nelson and Jim, but anyone is invited.)  Log into and use my e-mail address of and my password is rrrron.  The name of the album is Janis and Jim's Wedding.  The screen will tell you the photo was taken an hour before it really was taken.  That's because I didn't change the time on the camera to daylight savings time.  But don't change the time (unless you want to change all times) because I have the pictures sorted by time.

Janis's Bachlorette Party
Jim and Janis's Shower, June 9
   I'm finished with these photos.

Clown Camp Photos 2001
     I have uploaded all my camp photos, and I thank Rick Struve for helping me by writing most of the descriptions.
     The first fifteen photos you order are free, so you might want to order a few free photos.  You will need to pay for shipping which is $1.49, if you order less than 20 prints.  (Canadian shipping is $2.99 and international shipping is $4.99) 
Camp Movies 2001
    Click above to see the 12 low quality movies I took at Camp.

Ron and Jill go camping available through December 9. 2001

Mooseburger, May 4 and 5
Here's how to view my pictures: 1) Visit the link above to go to the Snapfish site.
2) Type in your name and email address and then choose a password.

Easter Weekend Photos
Includes Ron and Jill's visit to Jim and Janice's new home and Brendan collecting eggs.
Easter Movie

April Fool's Balloon Jam

Kartoons 2001

Sonia's Baby Shower, April 7, 2001

The March 3 After Emerson Bowling Tournament Party
(If the above link doesn't work you can go to,
and on the left hand side you'll see "Friend's E-Mail Address."
Type in

Click here to go to photos take before February 14, 2001

Below photo is clearer than above but 48 kb.
Above photo is 17 kb.
Shutterfly has gotten easier to share your photos on an easy to remember web address.  Go to
for a list of some of my photos.  Other photos links listed below, and some photos listed both places.

Balloon Jam Oct. '09

Face Painting and Balloon Jams Aug and Sept '09

Kirkwood High Class of 1984 25 year reunion

Clown Camp 2009
Clown Camp 2002

Luisa's 6th Birthday Party, March 29, 2009

Twist and Shout Feb. '09 California

Cole and Pipper at Mom's January 24, 2009

New Years Eve

Christmas, 2008

Albrechts' Party

Halloween Party, and Boating for Tom's Birthday

Tuxedo Block Party


National Wellness Conference

Madison With Cole July 11, 2008

Serendipity With Tim and Margie

Ron's Door County Fishin' Trip With Dad, Uncles, and Joe

Russ and Shirley's Anniversary Party
Same photos at SmugmugSmugmug is best for downloading.
Same Photos at Kodak Gallary

Dad's Plane Ride

Photos Annalise took of Murtle the turtle

Tivoli Twisted: A Balloonamentary Premier May 23, 2008

Luisa and Brendan spend the Night May 25, 2008

Elsie on porch

Luisa's 5th Birthday Party

Jefferson City, March 26, 2008

Photos of Luisa playing with my car magnets and Bredan playing with his hockey stick.

Paula's 60th Birthday

Jill and Ron's Hawaii Trip
Hawaii Caucus Only Photos

Little Lambs with Aunt Amy, Feb. 2

Diamond Jam SmugMug Photos


Pediatric Dentistry Party, December 9

Brendan and Luisa Spend the Night and Cut Down Tree

Twisted: A Balloonamentarty, Nov. 16 & 17
Photos at Shutterfly
Same Photos at Smugmug

Halloween at Pediatric Dentistry and My Front Porch

Tom's 40th Birthday Party Oct. 27

Halloween Party, October 26
Jill and Ron got first place, $100

Tuxedo Block Party October 14, 2007

Wein Dinner, October 13, 2007

Playing in Sprinkler

Katy Trail, Tailgating

Trick Photos

Hotwheels, Frogs, Snake

Steve's Wedding, August 17, 2007

KHS '84 Reunion, August 17, 2007

Showgun Restauant

Ron and Jill's Oregon Trip

Courtney's 40th Birthday

Luisa and Annalise use Jilly's clothes to play dress up with Ron, June 30, 2007

Ron's Fishing trip

Luisa in Pool, June 26, 2007

Back Flip Sculpture With Annalise, June 20, 2007

Webster Groves Sign With Annalise

Railroad Tracks With Annalise, Jill' s Photos
Annalise's Track Photos

Annalise's  Memorial Day Photos

Annalise's Photos Fron Dinner in Courtney's Yard

Springfield Clown Convention, April 24-28,
Same Photos at, Use Smugmug if you want to download.
Also, here are my phots from the 2003 COAI Convention in St. Louis

Luisa, Birds, Matt & Michele's Wedding, Sacred Heart Church

Luisa's 4th Birthday Party, April Fools Day

Annalise Mops

Fossil Hunting

Michele's Shower, March 10

Andrea's Shower, March 10

Twist and Shout balloon convention, February 20-26

Alton Scrapbook Crop

Our Trip to Chicago for Nancy and Bill's Wedding
Erv's Photos

Christmas Time
Bob's Christmas Photos

Thanksgiving and Cutting Down Tree

World Series Rally, Oct. 29

Block Party, October 22

Bunco October 11

Brendan and Luisa in common area October 10

Praying Mantis


Sanela's Shower

Brendan and Luisa at the Creek

Julie's Wedding, September 23


Stretch the Balloon Dude

Brendan Spends the Night

Courtney's Birthday Party, July 16

Kelly's Birthday Party, July 8

Webster Parade, July 4

Tuxedo Parade, July 4

Wisconson Fishin' Trip

Courtney's Ladies Night Out

Luisa Catches More Toads

Letting Big Toad Go

Luisa and the Toads She Caught

'80s Party

San Diego

Neighborhood Watch Party, May 1

Release Froggie

Dan's 44th Birthday

Luisa's Third Birthday Party

Playing in the Snow With Brendan and Luisa
Link expires after 90 days.  Also includes photo from Erv's Birthday.

St. Pats Parade

Twist and Shout
You will need to enter your e-mail address to veiw the pictures.  Winkflash has a strick privacy policy and keeps the e-mail addresses confidential; in other words they will not share it with others.

Super Bowl Party

Trivia Night 1/28/06

Christmas, Mom's

December 22 through Christmas, Jill's

Dr. A's Christmas Party 12/17/05

Cutting Down the Christmass Tree, 11/26/05

Spencer Hired Me for His Third Brithday Party

McBrayer Baby Shower, 11/6/05

Halloween Day at Dentist and Trick or Treaters

Halloween Party at Glaizer's Hall
Shutterfly Pictures These have been croped, rotated and titled
Same Photos on Smugmug  These can be downloaded.

Tuxedo October 16 Block Party

Brendan's Sixth Birthday

Dallas Fantazy Football Draft

Balloon Jam

Bunco, September 14, 2005

Dr. Mark's Party, August 28

Mac's First Birthday

Busch Stadium

Courney's Last Day

Ken Stillman's Workshop

Claire on Front Porch

Reunion of Five Kirkwood High Friends 7/26/05
Click here  for photos of 2001 reunion

Annalise and Claire on the Tire Swing

Jill's Porch Party With Cole, July 14, at Kodak's Website
at bottom of order page click Edit Advance Print Options click zoom and trim off

Jill's Porch Party With Cole, July 14, at Shutterfly's Website

Courtney's Birthday Party, July 10

Jill and Ron's Trip to Hermann

Tuxedo Block Party June 26, 2005

California Dot Photo
California Yahoo

Cadette Camp-a-Rama, June 4 and 5

'70s Party

Cole S. Colquhoun
Born: 4.26.05 @ 12.21pm Weight: 7.3lbs Length: 20in

Theresa's Tuxedo Ladies Nite Out, April 23, 2005

Boss Hogs

Peoria WCA Convention

Fratelli's With the Weins

Twist and Shout 2005

Valentine Gala, Feb. 12

Aunt Geri's 70th Birthday Party,  February 6, 2005

Our New House

AWFFL Party at Sports Zone January 9, 2005

Alexandria's Second Birthday Party January 8, 2005

Ron and Jill's Trip to the Eagle's Nest Bed and Breakfast in Louisiana, MO

December 26
Christmas Day
Christmas Photos Bob Took

Shannon's Baby Shower Photos at
Shannon's Same Photos at

Christmas Party, Pediatric Dentistry, December 12, 2004
If ordering prints, I recommend the size be digital size, for example 6D which is 4.5 x 6.  If you do order 4 x 6, I recomend you click add white borders so none of the photo will be cut off.

Scott and Cyndi's Wedding Reception

Webster Groves High Class of '84 Reunion

Thanksgiving 2004

Dr. Michelle's Party

Linda and Walter's Wedding


Halloween Night 2004

Brendan's Fifth Birthday Party

Dr. Mark's Party  September 26, 2004

Kansas City Balloon Extravaganza September 18 and19

Jill and Ron in Vegas

Balloon Camp

Ozark Phlocking, September 11

Indiana Jimmy Buffett Concert

Schmidt Fishing Trip and Dad's Birthday

KHS '84 Reunion

Family Reunion

Bill's Party

Luisa's Baptism


Luisa's First Birthday

Hospital Visit to Brandon

Hawaii, February 2004

Alex's First Birthday Party


New Years Day

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Day

Albrecht Christmas Party  Dec. 14, 2003

Ron's Trip to Reno
Expires 1/13/04


Brendan's 4th Birthday Party, October 11

Crossings, 9/18/03

Dr. Mark's Party Photos
E-mail me at if you would like me to e-mail you the video I took.

Lake of the Ozarks Parrot Head Party

Amanda 8/26/03


David Grist Balloon Lecture

Alaska July 10-26 Trip

Ron's Fishing Trip

Helen Fitzgerald's June

Allison and Michael McKulsky, June 13-15
Although a few of these I cropped to a 4x6 size, most of them are Digital Size.  The first 10 you order are free (just $1.65 for shipping,) and membership is free; so you might as well order some photos.

Delmar Gardens, Heyl Wedding, Sara and Jill's Birthday at Spiros

Colleen's 8th Birthday Party, May 23

Wentzville Middle School, May 21

Kramer's Birthday Party,  May 4

Mary Beth's Retirement Party, April 29

Monthly Balloon Jam, April 23

Brendan Plays in Mud, Earth Day, 2003  
Clowns of America International Convention April 7-13

Brendan Plays With Hose and Mud, April 1

Jill's Trip to Warrensburg, March 28-30

Jill and Ron at Winery, March 16

Charlotte's 60th Birthday

Creative Memories March 7 Party

Dr. Albrecht's 60th Birthday Party, February 28, 2003

Amy's Birthday

Sunday February 16, Alex's Baptism

TJam03 Photos

Party at Jane's February 1, 2003

Balloon Jam at The Cafe on Jan. 29, and Photos at Helen's Jan. 30

Mona's Birthday, January 18, 2003, at PJ's Corner

Val's Birthday January 10

AWFFL Party at Sports Zone, January 4, 2003

Dec. 28 With Sands, Ryan's Party, New Year's at
Same Photos at

Bob's Christmas Morning Photos at Shutterfly
Same Photos at

Christmas afternoon at Jill and Ron's

Stephanie and Dustin's Wedding, December 21

Photos from Missy's going-away party, December 20

Balloon Jam December 18

Peter Mayer Concert December 17

Albrecht Christmas Party, December 8, 2002 Photos at Sanpfish 
Same Christmas Photos, but at

Picking a Christmas Tree, November 30

CMSU Graduates Get Together, My Photos, 11/23/02
Ten second video of Jane and Ron dancing
Julie and Jane's Photos
Hi gang, I love the idea of us going to Warrensburg next semester.   I think we should go while school is in session, and the last day of school used to be around May 8.  The weekend of May 3 would work out great for Ron and I because we could celebrate our birthday that weekend too (our birthday is May 6.)  Believe it or not I already have a convention or party scheduled every Saturday in April.  I absolutely cannot make it the weekend of April 12 and would really rather not do it the other April Saturdays as the first Saturday I have a party officially booked and the last two Saturdays are for people who I have done their parties several years and I told them "See you next year."  In March I'm available every weekend except the day of the Mardi Gras Parade (March 1) and St. Patrick's Day parade (March 15.)

November 20, 2002, Balloon Jam

Jefferson City, November 9 and 10, 2002
Marie's Shower, November 2, 2002   
Balloons at Shaw's Gardens, October 27, 2002

Stella and Steve Carlin's Wedding Reception, October 19, 2002

Women's Weekend Escape, October 12, 2002

Brendan's Birthday Party, Oct. 6, 2002

September 28, 2002

Pediatric Dentistry, September 18, 2002

Balloon Workshop With Arthur, Yvonne and Arlene
With Ofoto you can add your comments to Jill's photos.  If you order Jill's Ofoto pictures, you'll probably want to deselect the zoom and trim option. The photos are digital size photos.  If you do zoom and trim you'll cut off part of the photo, as you turn a 4.5" x 6" photo into a 4" x 6".
With PhotoAccess your first 10 photos are free, and you can order digital size prints (all of Jill's photos are digital size, for example 6 x 4.5.)

Lake of the Ozarks Parrot Head Phlocking

Other Various September Pictures

Various August Party Pictures

Midwest Magic Jubilee

Jill and Ron's July Visit to Southernmost IL

Brendan's First Visit to Ted Drew's, July 20, 2002

My Photos From Clown Camp 2002

Rick Struves Photos From Clown Camp 2002


Jill and Ron's "Pet" Duck
Album expires June 1, 2002

Florida, April 2002
Here are my photos uploaded to my favorites photos sharing site  I like Shutterfly because it prints a description on the back of the photo.  And if you do not like the description I wrote, you can write your own.
I also uploaded the same photos to, incase you're ordering Johnna's photos and want to just have one shipping charge..
Thank you Johnna for throwing such a fun party!

Balloon Jam With Bruce Kalver
In addition to my Bruce Kalver photos, you balloon twisters may be interested in seeing my April Florida balloon photos.  They are the same photos as above Florida photos, but you won't get bored with non-balloon photos.

Chicago, April 2002
A big thank you to Linda and Nancy for organizing the weekend.

Tim Ezell's Birthday Party, February 21, 2002

Susan and Steve's Shower, December 30

Christmas, including tree cutting and Christmas Eve

Click Here to See My Show Me Balloon Retreat Pics
Click Link on Right to See Video

Halloween Day Photos (Pediatric Dentistry)
Halloween Night Photos

Brendan's Birthday Photos
Brendan's second birthday party was held October 14, 2001.
Your first 20 photos are free (just the cost of shipping, $1.99), so you might as well order some. 
Brendan's Birthday Movies

October Jam
Lonnie "Looney Ballooney" was in St. Louis from Nashville, so Thad James organized a balloon jam at Helen Fitzgerald's.
Here's how to view my pictures:
1) Visit the link above to go to the Snapfish site.
2) Type in your name and email address and then choose a password.

Brendan Watches TV available through December 9, 2001

Silly Jilly at O'Fallon, August 11, 2001
When viewing the photos you may want to click on "sign up today" because once you become a member (which is free) the first 15 prints you order are free.  Shipping is $1.49.

Kirkwood High Alumni Meet at Imo's
A big thank you to Beth and Maria for organizing the dinner.
    To download a quality copy to your computer:
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2. Click on "upload and describe,"
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4. Right click on the picture.
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To print a quality copy on your printer without downloading:
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Instructions for Printing on Your Printer Photos on (The links listed on the left may be on a different site such as Shutterfly, which you can do something similar to below, but the photo will be of a lesser quality then PhotoAccess.)