Silly Jilly would love to come to your birthday party, holiday party, reunion, etc.  Her specialty is twisting:
  · Big and fancy             balloon animals
  · Wild and crazy            balloon hats, and 
  · Take-my-photo           balloon costumes
Silly Jilly also performs a children's comedy magic show full of audience participation.

To Book, Please 
Call or Text
Jill "Silly Jilly" Schmidt
at 314-968-8597 or E-mail  
Let's talk about your event and figure
out how to make it awesome.

St. Louis, Missouri
How Long Should Silly Jilly 
Be at a Party?

     Silly Jilly can be at your party any length of time from a half hour to the whole party.   One way to look at figuring out how long she should be there is decide what you want (small balloon animals, or larger balloon animals) and multiply the time it will take per kid by the number of kids at the party, then and on the magic show.  

Balloon Sculptures:
     Big and fancy balloon animals take about three and a half to four minutes to make, so if you had about thirty-two kids at your event and all you wanted was big and fancy balloon sculptures, you would have Silly Jilly at the party for two hours (3.75 minutes X 32 kids = 120 minutes).  Small balloon animals and hats using about two balloons per sculpture take one to two minutes.  Big and fancy balloon costumes take about four or five minutes to make and put on. 
     Silly Jilly does not do balloons at parks afternoons mid-June through August.

    Silly Jilly can have the magic show last ten to thirty minutes.  She usually has it last twenty-two to twenty-five minutes.

Event Types 

     Here are some types of parties Silly Jilly has performed at.  Of course Silly Jilly can perform an additional types of events and for any age.
·  Birthday Parties Located at a Home, Backyard, Fitz's Restaurant, Lady Bug Beads Party Room, Park, Skating Rink, Chucky Cheese, Community Center, Brentwood YMCA's Party Room, Webster YMCA's Kids' Gym, JCCA Meeting Room, Paint-Me-Pottery, Demolition Ball, Pre-School, Bowling Alley, Little Gym, Swing-Around-Funtown Party Room, and More.
·  Company Picnics
·  Grand Openings
·  Wedding Receptions
·  Easter Parties
·  Christmas Parties
·  Halloween Parties
·  Bat Mitzvahs
·  Girl Scout Meetings
·  Church Events
·  Daycares, Child Care Centers
·  School Fairs, Field Days, and Picnics
·  Walk Around to Co-Workers' Cubicles
·  Family Reunions
·  Block Parties
·  Baby Showers
·  Festivals
·  Fundraisers

Pediatric Dentistry
of Sunset Hills
You can visit Silly Jilly and the dentist at the same time. Once a month Silly Jilly the Clown twists balloon animals at Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills; however has not been since the start of the pandemic and a date has not been set for her return. Call (314) 822-2764 to make an appointment.

      If your event is within 40 minutes of Webster Groves, Silly Jilly the Clown charges the below pricing. 
      Parties in Webster Groves, Rock Hill, Shrewsbury, and Glendale receive a $30 discount.  Warson Woods, Brentwood, and Maplewood receive a $20 discount.  Silly Jilly will almost travel anywhere.

·  $145 First Half-Hour, $30 discount for plain-clothes performances.     
·  $25 Each Additional Fifteen Minutes  
     For example a one-hour performance is $195, and a two-hour performance is $295.

     Usually Silly Jilly will charge more for events when there are more kids than minutes she is there if doing balloons.

   Things Silly Jilly Has Heard Party Hosts Say, and Things Silly Jilly Has Noticed Help a Party Run Smoother

     ·  "The ice cream cake won't fit in our freezer, so the kids are going to have to eat as soon as they get here."
     ·   Noisemakers are a problem. "I wish I hadn't bought those noisemakers.  I was going to put them in the goodie bags, but I threw them away so the kids wouldn't torture their parents."  If you give the guests noisemakers, they are all going to blow them at once, and they will keep blowing them and keep blowing them.
     ·  "We couldn't get the boys to stop running around the house.  It took me two days to recover from the party.  I should have just invited the girls in her class."  (She had fifteen kids at the five-year-old's party.)  Parties with more kids have the advantage of often being more fun, but can create more headaches for the host especially if the party is inside.  Usually the more kids at a party, the more likely the kids are to run around the house and be noisy.  Running is less of a problem if the party is all girls or if the guests' parents are there.  (A disadvantage to having parents there is you'll have to cater to their needs, for example asking them if they want cake and drink.  A second disadvantage to having parents there is many times the adults will be talking with other parents during the magic show and the kids have a hard time hearing Silly Jilly.)
     ·  If you don't know the names of all the kids, you may want to give them name tags.  It is easier to ask a kid to behave or ask him what he wants to drink if you know his name.  When the kids arrive, you could have them decorate their name tags with stickers or markers.
     ·  Very occasionally there will be a child at a party who is afraid of clowns.  You may want to tell the parent of the scared child to please have their child stay at the party.  The scared child can watch Silly Jilly from the back of the room, and once he sees how much the other kids like Silly Jilly he'll like her too.  Please give Silly Jilly at least a five minute chance to entertain the scared child. Silly Jilly has had kids cry when they first see her, and at the end of the party they want to give her a hug or are inviting her to their birthday party.  
     ·  In twenty-two years, only once has a birthday child been afraid of Silly Jilly for the entire party, and he watched Silly Jilly the whole time, but from the stairs; just didn't want to come close to her.  And only once has a non-birthday child been afraid of Silly Jilly for the whole time she was at the party.
     ·  Increase the birthday child's self-esteem by not letting him or her see you pay Silly Jilly.  This way he or she may think Silly Jilly came to the birthday party just because Silly Jilly likes the birthday child.
     ·  Consider making things easy on you, and don't serve a meal.  Most of the birthday parties Silly Jilly does only serve cake, ice cream, and drinks.
     ·  You may want to hide your toys because it is sometimes hard to get the kids away from the toys to participate in your planned activities.
     ·  Kids like DJs better than bands.  Although most thirteen-year-old birthday parties Silly Jilly do have a band, if you have a DJ, the kids will not be able to stay off the dance floor.  Instead of standing in line for a balloon animal, kids will place their balloon order and run back out to the dance floor.  As opposed to a band, the DJ should have the latest songs from the most popular teen idols, for example, One Direction.  (Silly Jilly can perform at parties in plain-clothes.)
    ·  For pinatas you don't need to blindfold the kids especially if most kids are under 8-years-old.  The pinata is still challenging without the blindfold.  Make sure kids don't run towards the candy when the hitter is swinging.  So tell the children if it is their turn and candy comes out, don't hit it again.  You may want to have two adults hold onto a rope.  Ask the kids to line up behind the rope, and only hand the hitter the bat or stick after all the other kids are behind the rope.  One good way to hang a pinata inside is to put a large vice in the doorway between your living and dining room.
    ·  If you have a backyard pool party, consider hiring a professional lifeguard.  This way you don't have to always watch the kids, and you won't be worried.

           What Silly Jilly Does at the Greatest 
            Percentage of Her Birthday Parties

     At about half of Silly Jilly's birthday parties she'll do balloon hats, a magic show, and big and fancy balloon animals.  Here are more details on this scenario:
     When she first gets to the party she'll make wild and crazy balloon hats for all the kids.  The kids love to see their friends in the silly hats, and the hats make really cute pictures.  Also, the hats serve as an icebreaker before the magic show because Silly Jilly has talked with each of the kids.  
     After the hats, she'll do an audience participation show consisting mainly of comedy magic including spring snakes popping out of books.  Silly Jilly is the magician's assistant and the audience are the magicians.  The birthday child will be the star of at least one of the activities. If the birthday child is not shy, Silly Jilly will have him or her on stage and helping Silly Jilly with all of the tricks, songs, or stories Silly Jilly needs helpers for.  Shy birthday kids also have a great time participating in Silly Jilly's show.  Kids age three to seven enjoy the show most.  
     After the magic show Silly Jilly will start making big and fancy balloon animals, including cartoons. Your guests will be astonished at what she can create.  She'll turn the balloon twisting into a game by asking the kids to try and guess what kind of balloon animal she is making and whoever guesses right will get to keep that balloon, if they want it.  This usually keeps everyone's attention for about fifteen minutes, and then Silly Jilly will start taking requests.  As Silly Jilly finishes up the balloons, you can either serve food, or Silly Jilly can pass out coloring pages, or the kids may be interested in watching Silly Jilly twist balloons the whole time.  
This page was last updated on: January 18, 2024

Would like to talk with others who hired Silly Jilly?  Call Jill, (314) 968-8597, or email her, She'll give you names and numbers of people in charge of parties Silly Jilly has preformed at recently.
Silly Jilly Celebrates Tim Ezell's Birthday
     Reporter Tim Ezell from the Fox 2 Morning News invited Silly Jilly to his on-air thirty-third birthday party.  Silly Jilly made balloon costumes for everyone including a mermaid costume for Tim. 
Contact Silly Jilly the Clown at 
(314) 968-8597 or

Jill Schmidt
St. Louis, Missouri 63119

KTVI Visits Kartoons
    Fox 2 Morning News broadcasted from Kartoons restaurant. Silly Jilly spent the morning twisting balloons for the kids and did an interview with Tim Ezell.  Silly Jilly turned Mariah into a fairy by making her a tiara, wings, and a flower bracelet. 
 How Can I Become a Clown?

     Silly Jilly started clowning by taking a clowning class through Florissant Valley Community College Continuing Education Department in 1994.  So you may want to call a community college continuing education department and ask if they offer a class in clowning, or wait until you receive the class schedule in the mail.

     You may want to join of one of the local or international clown clubs:

· St. Louis Clowns of America International
    Has folded.
· Balloon Twisting "Club"
    Meets usually the first Thursday of each month and at the Bandanas in Maryland Heights. 

· Clowns of America International,
· World Clown Association,
     By joining one of these international clubs you will receive the club magazine every other month.  In addition to telling you all about clowning, these magazines also advertise clown conventions where you will learn a lot about clowning. 

     This scenario will take about:
·  One hour if seven or less kids 
·  One hour fifteen minutes if eight to 
twelve kids
     Silly Jilly could stay a shorter time if she skipped the hats or made smaller balloon animals.
Party guests are facinated by Silly Jilly's Magic Show.  O'Fallon, MO
 Would Silly Jilly Do My Party for a Cheaper Price? 

     People sometimes try to talk Silly Jilly down on her price.  The answer is no, because Silly Jilly wants everyone to get an equal deal, and this is one reason why she (unlike some of her completion) can put her prices on her website.  Silly Jilly never negotiates her prices.  She would make more money if she did, but it is not fair for you to pay one price and then find out your coworker hired Silly Jilly for less either because the coworker complained about the price or Silly Jilly knows you live in the rich part of town.  You are getting the lowest price Silly Jilly will do a party for (not including some schools, charities or Silly Jilly’s relatives who sometimes get a discount, and Silly Jilly does two free charitable parties a year.)
     If you want a discount you could donate to one of Silly Jilly’s favorite charities the amount Silly Jilly is charging you for the party, and if you itemize your taxes, in a way you will be paying a discounted price because the donation is tax deductible; I think. Charities Silly Jilly will accept are Feeding America or Charity Water

Thinking About Having Silly Jilly at Your Fair?
     If you are having an event with over 100 kids, Silly Jilly will (with your agreement) limit the balloon animal choices to about fifteen. Examples kids choose from include: giant sword, unicorn wand, flower bracelet, teddy bear, and dinosaur. This will keep your line moving as Silly Jilly makes about 60 sculptures per hour. For proof click: 
and'll be talking with the kids and looking at them as she twists, and when less than six kids in line occasionally doing gags like "accidentally" letting the balloon go.  The little kids think that is hilarious.
Silly Jilly is a member of the Webster Groves Shrewsbury Area Chamber of Commerce

Silly Jilly the Clown
Does Silly Jilly Take Credit Cards?
    Silly Jilly does not take credit cards; however, you may pay her using and use her e-mail address of Or donate to one of her fundraisers.  
    Also, her Venmo name is Jill Colquhoun Schmidt.
 Click here to read a great 2006 Post-Dispatch article about Silly Jilly; however, it will cost you $2.95.

How Balloons Are Made
What are Silly Jilly's Busiest Weekends?
     On average Silly Jilly has the most party requests for: · Saturdays of non-three day weekends in September.  
     A three way tie for second place is:  · Sundays of non-three day weekends in September, · Saturdays in June (Especially First Sat.), and · Saturdays in October (Especially First Sat.).  The second weekend in December is also busy.  Silly Jilly's  busiest day of the year is often the first or second Saturday after Labor Day or Saturday after Memorial Day.  She gets the least requests for January.

     If you wish to pay via Venmo, use name Jill Colquhoun Schmidt.

     Payment is due before Silly Jilly leaves your party.  You may either: 
1. Have the payment go to Jill Schmidt, or 
2. Donate to Charity Water, or to Feeding America (a partner of the St. Louis Area Foodbank) or Against Malaria the price of Silly Jilly's performance.  For Charity Water use this link or Feeding America this link, or Against Malaria this link.  She prefers you do the charity donation. 

Made in USA

Silly Jilly uses Qualetex brand balloons made in Texas and Canada.
Her Sharpie markers are made in the USA.
Add Smiles to Your Event With Silly Jilly the Clown
Join Silly Jilly's Facebook Fan Site and Get Updates on Her Performances:
Latex balloons are bio-
degradable. They are made from the sap of rubber trees. It doesn't hurt trees; it's a harmless tapping process similar to collecting maple sap for syrup. Article
Click here for a an informative 2011 article on Silly Jilly the Clown. 
Crazy Willy is back and the hole in his pants is fixed.
Cooking By Magic.  Kids laugh at Silly Jilly the Magician.
Dog and Giraffe Balloon By Silly Jilly at Dr. Jazz Soda Fountian Grill Diner Webster Groves
Exaples of Silly Jilly's Balloon Art
Balloon Examples
Click here to see some examples of the balloons Silly Jilly has made in 2009 and 2010.  (A few will take too long to make at a party.)
Office Party with Silly Jilly the Clown
Eleanor Balson writes:
"Silly Jilly is top of the line! She's always busy serving St. Louis with her finest, funniest performances. She is cool, delightful, brimming with joy, and makes everyone smile. I'm so glad to know her and be her colleague. If you need a family entertainer, look no further. She rocks!" 

Tim Ezell tries to make a balloon animal with Silly Jilly the Clown
Syberg's Chesterfield

Tuesday Evenings

Eckert's Farm 
 · Alternating Fall Weekends
· Clown 
· Belleville, IL
· Magic Stage Shows  
· Strolling Entertainment 
· Usually Small Balloon Animals Last Hour

Could Silly Jilly Perform at My Party in Plain-Clothes?
   Yes, as long as Silly Jilly does not already have a clown party that day, she can come to your party dressed in plain-clothes.  She'll wear colorful clothes, a silly hat and silly glasses.  About 15% of her parties are done in plain-clothes especially from clients who know her from restaurant balloon twisting.  
Minimum or Maximum Number of Guests?
   No.  She has had at least one party where there was only one child between the age of 2 and 16, and at this party she did her silly magic show.  Silly Jilly has made balloons at events with thousands of kids such as the St. Louis County Fair and Air Show.   She also performs a stage show for an audience of hundreds and can bring her a microphone and speaker that reaches an audience of 300.
Silly Jilly the Magician Webster Groves
Silly Jilly the Clown loads up her red Fiat 500 with her magic suitcase.
My party is located over an hour from St. Louis. 
Do you travel that far?
    Yes. For example, Silly Jilly the Clown has performed at several Columbia, MO events, the Ste. Genevieve county fair, and birthday parties in Greenville, IL, Carlyle, IL, and Gerald, MO. Call or e-mail for pricing. For parties located about two hours from Webster Groves (for example Cape Girardeau, Hannibal, and Springfield, Illinois) it is Silly Jilly's regular price plus a usual travel fee of $100 weekday and $120 weekend.  Maybe higher on popular weekends and a cheeper travel fee for events lasting at least an hour an a half.

Click here for a list of where you can see Silly Jilly perform. However, it doesn't list everything.
What If My Party Is Rained Out?
     If your party is rained out, Silly Jilly won't charge you if you call before she starts to put on her make up, or if she has another party right before yours, please call before she leaves for that first party.  If she is performing in plain-clothes, just call before she leaves her house.  
     If says there is a 30% or less chance of rain at the time of your party, you cancel your party, it does not rain, and Silly Jilly has turned down another party for that time, she would appreciate a partial payment.  
     Sometimes clients will cancel parties when there is a 30% chance of rain (or less), and thus it usually does rain.  Silly Jilly doesn't mind this on a weekday, but not on a weekend when she had turned down parties.  Are you debating weather to cancel your party?  For most of the parties who cancel Silly Jilly because they think it will rain, it does not rain if it is not raining when they decide to cancel, and they regret canceling or postponing their party.

Are you having a caterer bring in food and need some help serving?  Hire Kim Lane, 314-277-6691, klane434@  She can offer drinks, clear finished plates, and more.  With her over 10 years of waitress experience, you can count on Kim to do the things the party host doesn't have time to deal with.
🚗  Red Fiat  🚗 
Keep an eye out for Silly Jilly's red Fiat 500 with yellow flowers and a rubber chicken zipping around St. Louis.  The license plate is SILLY J.
Preschool Performance Magic and/or Balloons
     ​Daycares sometimes just hire Silly Jilly for a half hour to do a magic show. Or you could have her do small balloons consisting of two balloons per sculpture which take about 1.5 minutes, but allow close to 2 minutes for time for Silly Jilly to introduce herself and pass out balloons and stickers.  If, for example, you would like Silly Jilly to visit 3 of classrooms of 20 - 23 kids, hire Silly Jilly for two hours. Smaller daycares of 15 to 20 kids may want to hire Silly Jilly for an hour to make big and fancy balloon animals or an hour and a half for big balloons and a magic show.
     As a parent, inviting Silly Jilly to your child's daycare for a birthday party is popular for parents looking for an easy way to make their child feel special on their birthday. 

As Heard on St. Louis Public Radio
Silly Jilly's favorite radio station, KWMU, visited her at Dr. Jazz restaurant.  Click below to hear.

Free Balloon Animals
You can receive one of Silly Jilly's big and fancy balloon animals or wild and crazy balloon hats. Silly Jilly knows over two hundred balloon sculptures including monkey climbing a palm tree, penguin, ladybug, octopus, Spiderman, Angry Birds, dolphin, fish on a pole, and butterfly costume.

Can't decided between hiring Silly Jilly to do magic or balloons?

     The magic show is a lot of fun (especially if there are at least five kids at the party ages three to seven.)  The kids will be laughing and having an amazing time throughout the twenty to twenty-five minute magic show.  Studies show you'll get more happiness from spending your money on experiences than things.  Getting a balloon from a clown and watching it being made is an experience, but not as much as a magic show.  (These studies on the importance of experiences also illustrate you're smart to hire an entertainer, for example Silly Jilly, even if it means you can afford less presents.)  When Silly Jilly gets compliments like, "My daughter can't stop talking about you," or "I have never seen Molly laugh so hard," or "She was so funny that we just couldn't stop laughing," this is when the kids witness Silly Jilly's non-balloon antics, for example, when Silly Jilly thinks a diaper is a beautiful hat, or the kids see her magic show.
     Silly Jilly's big and fancy balloons are what she's known for and popular with all ages.  
     When she makes balloons, she talks with the child she's making the sculpture for and other children in line.  
     Sometimes fairs hire Silly Jilly for two hours to twist balloons.  The maximum sculptures she could do in 2 hours is 140 and that is if she doesn't draw on the balloons and has kids choose from a short list of simple designs.  The kids may spend 20 minutes waiting in line.  The carnival could have instead hired Silly Jilly for a just a half-hour, and she could have entertained two hundred kids for just $145 compared to $295 to entertain less kids.  But, one advantage of balloons is all ages want one, and Silly Jilly's magic show is loved by 3 to 8-year-olds.

"Mommy.  I Did Magic!" 

     Kids get the credit for making the magic happen.  They say the magic words or wave the magic wand.  For example, the whole audience shows their ability to color Silly Jilly's coloring book without crayons.  So cool!  Later one kid comes on stage, waves a magic chicken, and drawings appear in a previously blank coloring book.  The kid did something that defies the laws of nature and prevented Silly Jilly from crying because of her broken book.  Plus, the child did the amazing feat in front of his or her friends.  That kid feels incredible!
Silly Jilly the 
Children's Magician
Silly Jilly the Kids' Magician St. Louis
Silly Jilly the Children's Magician Missouri
Silly Jilly the Female Magician
Silly Jilly the Balloon Artist Saint Louis
Silly Jilly the Comedian for Kids
Kids' Comedian Silly Jilly St. Louis
Children's Comedian Silly Jilly

Oops, Silly Jilly Accidentally Lets Balloon Go
These three Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream fans think Silly Jilly it so funny.  Silly Jilly the plain-clothes balloon artist twists balloons at Serendipity in Webster Groves most summer Mondays.

 Click here for a free 2008 Suburban Journals article about Silly Jilly. 

Show Photo Album 
Click here to see an album of one of Silly Jilly's magic shows.   
Princess Parties

Invite Silly Jilly to your child's princess party, and she can make everyone a tiara and princess magic wand.  Then she'll have all the kids sit down, and she'll turn her balloon twisting into a game as she twists mermaids, fairies, and other princesses. 

Kids think it’s hilarious when Silly Jilly “accidentally" lets the balloon go. Visit Silly Jilly at Syberg's Chesterfield Tuesdays, 5:30 to 8:30, for balloon animals and laughs.
Show Review
     What these girls like best about Silly Jilly’s magic show at the block party:
1. The toilet squirting Silly Jilly.
2. Snakes magically popping out of books and popping out of Silly Jilly’s Bag of Silliness.
3. When Silly Jilly mistakenly thought a diaper was a hat.

​      For a girl who came on stage, one of her favorite parts was, “Being the magician.” At birthday parties it is the birthday child who comes on stage. So invite Silly Jilly to your child’s birthday party, and he or she will be the star.
Can I Take Photos and Videos of Silly Jilly?
     Absolutely, and please share them with friends or the public.  Fine with Silly Jilly if you do whatever you want with the photos or videos.  A                                                       #SillyJilly is appreciated especially on                                                          Instagram.
                                                       When taking photos, stand behind or to                                                       the side of Silly Jilly too, and get photos                                                       of the great audience reactions. 
Hands-On Balloon Twisting Workshop
    Perfect for indoor summer camps, scout meetings or any group of up to 80 people. The students learn how to make balloon animals and balloon hats, and they take their creations home. Silly Jilly blows up the balloons ahead of time (8 balloons for each student) so the class moves fast. 
     Silly Jilly remembers learning her first balloon animals then taking them home and excitedly saying, "Mom, look what I made." And that was when Silly Jilly was 28 years old.  Like Silly Jilly's mom, the parents of the kids in your group will also be impressed of their proud kid's sculptures. 
     Workshop will take around 35 to 50 minutes depending on the number and ages of the students.
   Call or e-mail for pricing as it is more than her regular one hour fee due to all the balloon blowing she does ahead.

We had soo much FUN with u at Ste Genevieve Care Center!! thanks for entertaining us at our Holiday Open House!

Posted by Jill Roth on Friday, December 26, 2014

It's Tuesday. Visit me at Syberg's Chesterfield tonight. This 2008 article describes what I do when entertaining at...

Posted by Silly Jilly the Balloon Artist and Clown on Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Live Balloon Twisting
 This is the start of an event where I'm expecting a line and have decided I'll put a maximum of 3 balloons in each sculpture.  Notice the flower took me 52 seconds to make.  Also notice I look and talk to the audience as I'm twisting balloons.  This makes Silly Jilly more entertaining compared to balloon artists who look at their hands.
Oops, Silly Jilly Accidentally Let the Balloon Go

These 3 Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream fans think Silly Jilly is so funny. Silly Jilly the plain-clothes balloon artist twists balloons at Serendipity ice cream in Webster Groves, most summer Monday evenings. Come join the fun.

Posted by Silly Jilly the Balloon Artist and Clown on Monday, August 5, 2013
Silly Jilly is dependable and prompt, 
and usually allows at least an hour between her gigs.  She'll be there even if she later gets a better offer.

Make your 
event super 
silly, and book
Silly Jilly. 


"Clowns still know how to make people happy.”

Posted by Silly Jilly the Balloon Artist and Clown on Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm glad I could create a joyful time today with the students at Kiddie Academy of Des Peres. Sometimes during my...

Posted by Silly Jilly the Balloon Artist and Clown on Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Clip From Silly Jilly the Magician's Show
Tim Ezell from Fox2 News invited Silly Jilly to be on his show to celebrate International Balloon Month.  In the previous segment Fr. Joe brought his puppet named Big Al.
Silly Jilly's birthday party magic show is so funny.
St. Louis Rate
$195 First Hour
$100 Additional Hour
​     For large events with hundreds of kids, it’s not about Silly Jilly showing off how fancy she can make the sculptures. It’s about keeping the line happy, and also increases the number of kids who meet a clown. However, if you prefer, she can do the fancy balloons, for example Tweety Bird in a cage, and if there are seventeen kids in line, that seventeenth kid will wait about an hour.  Or she could limit the sculptures to three balloons per sculpture and do better drawings (than her minute balloons,) and with this option the seventeenth kid in line would wait about 40 minutes.  With the first option (like the boy pictured with the bunny bracelet, carrot, and giant sword who waited in line three times) the seventeenth kid in line will wait about 15 minutes.
If the above video does not work, try:
Balloon Decor? 
I do not do balloon decor.  
Companies I recommend for balloon arches, centerpieces, etc. are: 
· Nerdy, 512-789-3930,, Nerdy's mom and aunt also very good
· Troy and Diane, 314-241-2999,
· Sammy J, 636-349-6649, 
· Stephen 573-619-9606,

Look at the fun kids have while Silly Jilly twists balloons. In addition to creating balloons and laughs at Serendipity and Syberg’s Chesterfield, she also does her silly gags at other events where she does not have a long line. At birthday parties she often first makes guests a quick balloon hat and holds all the kids' attention as they laugh like crazy at her antics which is a great warm-up for her magic show.    
"She laughed so much she had tears in her eyes,wrote daycare teacher Diana about her student participating in Silly Jilly's show.
Lakeside Children's Academy writes, “The roar of laughter was fun to hear, and the smiles were contagious!!!
Dr. Crawford writes, 
Most creative balloons ever.” 
At events with over 100 kids people still love Silly Jilly's minute balloons.
Easy Going Silly Jilly

Clients of Silly Jilly's colleagues are sometimes required to sign a contract with a list of rules such as "No video taping," and, "No food served during show."  Silly Jilly does not make you sign a contract.  Also, your adult party guests may talk as much as they want during Silly Jilly's show.  She brings a microphone so the kids can hear. 

The only rule Silly Jilly has is at events with over 100 kids she needs help ending her balloon line.

If you would like a confirmation letter or text after booking, ask.

You'll Get Silly Jilly
Notice there is no "we" on this page.  Book Silly Jilly, and she is who will be at your party, the entertainer with five star reviews.  Also, if you confirm a few days before your party, be comfortable knowing you have confirmed with the entertainer.  
Everyone (with events in the same town minus some non-profits) pays the same price for a Silly Jilly party.  This is one reason why her prices are listed on her website. 
Silly Jilly's meet and greet is a fun warmup for her show.
⭐️  Silly Jilly Is Booking Live Entertainment During the Pandemic ⭐️ 

With Silly Jilly the Clown (that's me) at your event, the kids will have a blast laughing at my show, and they love balloons. I have safety measures in place.

Magic Show and Balloons
When I first arrive, I'll do a few minutes of pre-show jokes as I am at least six feet from the audience; then the fun, funny, no-contact magic show. The fee is my half-hour charge of $145 in clown or $115 in plain-clothes. 
Pricing on a giant bag(s) of pre-made balloons (no live twisting) is:
Large balloon animals (approximately four balloons per sculpture): first four free, then $2 per balloon animal.
Or one large balloon with the rest small (approximately two balloons per sculpture): One large and the first nine small are free, then $1 per small balloon animal.
Pricing on balloons twisted at your event after my show is:
$50 for each additional half-hour. 
An advantage to pre-made balloons (especially for outdoor parties since balloons pop on grass) is the kids could take their balloon at the end of the party, thus less likely to pop compared to me giving to the child earlier.

Live Balloon Twisting Only
The kids will request their favorite animals. In a half-hour, I'll be able to make about eight or nine balloon animals consisting of about four balloons per animal. Or about twenty to twenty-five balloon animals consisting of one or two balloons per sculpture.
Price is $145 for the first half-hour and $50 for each additional half-hour. Plain-clothes is a $30 discount.
I'll keep balloons as virus-free as possible by:
· Loading my apron at least two days before the party.
· Using a balloon pump that I have not touched in at least three days.
· Washing hands before I get in my car.
· Using hand sanitizer when I arrive, then re-applying as necessary.
Also, I will either set a mat six feet from me for the next in line child to stand on, or all the kids can be sitting down and not in line as I make their balloons. The child's balloon will be set in a box, then I'll step back, and the child can take their balloon.

You may either pay me (via cash, check, Venmo) or donate to my Feeding America fundraiserCharity Water fundraiser, or Against Malaria fundraiser.
The listed prices are for locations within a 40 minute drive of Webster Groves.
Also, I give a $30 discount to Webster Groves, Rock Hill, Shrewsbury and Glendale and a $20 discount for Maplewood, Brentwood, and Warson Woods.


A Special Way to Recognize Your Child's Birthday

I am performing happy birthday
with magic tricks and funny gags, and I mention the birthday child. The videos are about six minutes long, and the price is only a $30 minimum donation to Feeding America.  
You can ask to see a sample video I made for another child.
Also, it doesn't have to be a birthday to request a Silly Jilly video and could be just because your child is bored.
Your child will request to rewatch his or her video.

 ⭐️  Zoom Events for Your 3 to 8-Year-Old Child ⭐️ 

During this time of physical distancing, I'm helping kids virtually play together as they laugh at my antics, shout the magic words, and warn me that my phone is a donut. My Zoom show is perfect for birthday parties, scout troops, best buddies groups, or getting all the grandkids together. I would do about five minutes of meet-and-greet and pre-show gags, then a twenty-five-minute show full of audience interaction. If you wish, I can lead the children in singing Happy Birthday as you light the candles.  
My Zoom performance fee is a $95, either payable to Silly Jilly or do a donation to Feeding America or Charity Water. Call or text Silly Jilly at 314-968-8597, or e-mail,  
Half the time I set up the Zoom.  Half the time the parent in charge sets up the Zoom, and once it starts, makes me the host.
Let Silly Jilly's Zoom magic show save your celebration.

⭐️  FaceTime or Two Person Zoom  ⭐️

Your child will smile and laugh while FaceTiming with Silly Jilly.  This could be on the child's birthday, or maybe a gift for the child being well behaved.  The call will last 20 to 23 minutes, $85.

The 100% safe service I specialize in is a six-minute video with magic tricks and jokes, and mentioning your child's name a few times, $30.
Physical distancing doesn't mean you can't celebrate.

Celebrate online with Silly Jilly's show full of fun.
  ⭐️ ​Balloon Deliveries ⭐️
I'm not getting into balloon deliveries, but I recommend you hire one of my colleagues who specializes in balloon deliveries, including balloon bouquets and yard art. The below five businesses are excellent at large sculptures and dependable, 
 ⭐️  Donna "Spunkybeans," St. Peters, 636-399-7274,
⭐️  Brian Styles, St. Charles County, 636-734-2083,
⭐️  Troy and Diane, St. Louis City and Affton,
⭐️ Thad “Sammy J” James, Arnold, 636-349-6649  
⭐️ Diane "Balloonatic RN" Cross, Metro East, 618-410-9380

Visit my new website.
It is mobile-friendly, YAY, and organized, YAY. 
During the pandemic I had time to teach myself WordPress.

This old site has a few more details, but the new site is easier to read and has my correct prices. This site is basically correct, except for the prices. 
I've had this site since 2000, and when I have something new to add, I usually just stick it on the top or bottom.

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Brian Styles made the above yard art.

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